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MILLENNIUM CABINET........the scooping cabinet with great capabilities

The Millennium ice cream scooping cabinet is strong on personality and perfectly balances hi-tech solutions, tasteful design, high quality finishings and exceptional ergonometrics. It is extremely multifunctional and offers functional optimisation of space. The boosted motors deliver excellent performance in all working conditions. The Millennium was designed and tested at 35°+4 C in 70% humidity. Apex Controls reliability combined with high quality construction materials guarantee optimal ratios of maximum efficiency-minimum consumption, perfect storage of the displayed product and total hygiene under all working conditions. The food appeal of the product is highlighted by the technical structure of the inclined display area. Incomparable features: - the ice cream display area has a 6% incline offering maximum visibility - the internal vat in 100% stainless steel guarantees structural strength and hygiene - the electronically controlled temperature allows precise setting and long-term temperature maintenance resulting in better-quality storage - large display capacity: holds 5 litre tubs measuring 360x165x120 h or 360x250x80 h - includes the 12+12 module that allows variations of temperature within the vat - CFC-free polyurethane insulation ensures considerable environmental benefits- the single-block vat is filled with polyurethane injected at 50 kg/m3, at a thickness of 60mm guaranteeing minimal dispersion and greatly reduced running costs - pyrolytic, labyrinth-sealed, tempered glass gives condensation-free display - the labyrinth-sealed glass front panel is equipped with calibrated pistons for lock-stop opening in any position - the scooping cabinet has been tested at +40°C in 70% relative humidity - EU certification for Europe and UL certification for North America - the condenser unit can be incorporated or independent - excellent quality-price ratio.


Model External dimensions
(LxDxH) mm
(gross/net) litres
Product temperature (°C)
SP 12 1148x1062x1392 630/118 -16/-14
SP 16 1508x1062x1392 870/160 -16/-14
SP 18 1678x1062x1392 970/181 -16/-14
SP 20 1848x1062x1392 1080/201 -16/-14
SP 24 2188x1062x1392 1300/241 -16/-14
SP 12+12 2188x1062x1392 1300/241 -16/-14