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Wok Induction Hob



  • The Control Induction Wok Induction Hob is really simple to use, press the on/off button and it immediately starts heating the pan at a power setting of 2000 Watts. To adjust the induction cooking power just press the up or down switch and adjust between 500 Watts and 3100 Watts cooking power. The Wok Induction Hob stays on as the contents of the Wok are tossed but switches off temporarily when the pan is lifted clear of the Induction Wok for more than a few seconds and then switches back on when the pan is replaced. The induction hob switches itself off totally if the pan is removed for more than 1 minute.
  • The Control Induction Wok Cooker Includes a superb stainless steel Induction wok pan with an encapsulated aluminium core