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Induction Hob CL-31A

The Control Induction CI 31A Manual Induction Hob is easy to use, press the on/off button and it immediately starts heating the pan at a power setting of 2000 Watts. It switches off temporarily if the pan is lifted for more than a second and switches back on when the pan is replaced. The induction hob switches itself off totally when the pan is removed for more than 1 minute. To adjust the cooking power just turn the induction hob control knob and adjust between 500 Watts and 3100 Watts cooking power. If you press the temperature button the thermostat overrides the power control for cooking at temperatures between 60C and 240C. There is also a timer for setting the cooking time from 5 minutes to 180 minutes.


Multiple Function: Boils, fries, sautes, simmers and steams

Easy to use: Single control knob to adjust all.

Natural Control: The chefs favourite type of control, ie: a rotating knob that allows intuitive control of induction hob power without concentrating yor mind on a small control button.

Safety: Overheat protection system.

Display: Four digit LCD & LED’s

Microprocessor Controlled

Portable: Easy to carry with one hand

High Quality Plate: Impact Resistant vitro ceramic cooking surface.


Power: 500W - 3.1kW, 10 levels.

Timer: 0 - 180 mins

Thermostat: 60 degrees C. to 240 degrees C.

Dimensions: 340mm x 440mm x 130mm

Power Connection: 13A