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ITV’s ICE QUEEN range of crushed-ice produce granular ice with a vertical cylindrical evaporator and heavy duty auger mechanism.

The gear-box, the bearings and motor protection device have been designed in a totally different way to provide full reliability and guarantee your full satisfaction.

Its oversized condenser (air- or water-cooled) is optimum for hot climates. This range has been specially desiged for areas with high content in lime and difficult conditions.

The water content of the ice can be adjusted to suit every customer’s requirements, it means that the machine can be adjusted to produce dumper or drier ice.

100% stainless steel body easy to remove. The ICE QUEEN models are supplied complete with water filter, scoop and ice distributor.


SELF-CONTAINED ICE QUEEN Production 24 hrs in Kg storage bin capacity Kg Compressor C.V. Power Watts Dimensions mm. Net Weight
Air cooled Water cooled Widht Height* Length
ICE QUEEN 135 135 135 60 3/8 640 515 1355 550 75
ICE QUEEN 85 85 85 26 3/8 550 465 790 595 61
ICE QUEEN 45 ¡NEW! 39 45 12 3/8 350 465 795 595 51