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ARVF 320



  1. Temperature: Controlled for the preservation of medicaments +2oC to 8oC.
  2. Refrigeration System: Ventilated evaporator, compressor with incorporated air condenser and automatic evacuation of water.
  3. Dry Cold: Does not moisten packages ensuring total legibility - average humidity 45%.
  4. Alarm: Acoustic alarm in case of incorrect temperature.
  5. Security: Door with lock
  6. Storage: New sliding shelf system. 6 + 1 (model 320), 4 (model 150)
  7. Lighting: Homogeneous, two fluorescent lamps (model 320)
  8. Inner Structure: Plastified white plate, tempered double glass door. Adjustable front feet, thermometer, light and fan switch which stops fan when door is opened conservering temperature.
  9. Insulation: CFC free polyurethane
  10. Compressor: Low noise
  11. Quality approved product: ISO9002, CE.
  12. Glass door.
  13. Visual alarm signal on temperature deviation
  14. Remote alarm terminals providing mains failure alarm signal.


Dimensions (mm) L x D x H 620 x 650 x 1950
Capacity (ltr) 320