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DP 50

The DP machine is a spray machine, with full, solid ice in two sizes: 23/30g called GALA range. The design of the GALA DP machine takes into account the principal enemy of this type of machine, calcareous (lime) build-up in spray nozzles. The unique spray nozzles, patented by ITV, are made of a semi-elastic material that moves (expands) slightly every time a jet of water passes through it and does not allow calcareous build-up.


The pump is designed and built at ITV, with materials that will guarantee a long life, even in the worst water conditions. These machines are tropicalised (Class T) which means that they will work well in the hottest of countries. This simple, electronics-free machine comes in a 100% stainless steel body with an inward folding door. It is available in 220v/50, 220v/60 and 115v/60 and can be air or water cooled.


Ice Production Capacity (kg/24hr) 53
Storage Bin Capacity (kg) 22
Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm) 515 x 900 x 610
Electrical Supply

220v/50, 220v/60, 115v/60

Weight (kg) 48