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CoolCompact Solid Waste Refrigerator 2x240L

Solid waste refrigerator for one 240 liters waste bin, with foamed-in evaporator system in the stainless steel back wall, with hinged poor-in aperture, electronic control, equipment ready mounted.


1. Cool Compact Solid Waste Refrigerators are made entirely of stainless steel 18/10 on the inside and the outside

• Including racks, hinges – everything - no corrosion when properly cared for

• all visible sides have a dull finish (220 grain) - easy to clean, long-lasting value

2. Evaporator in stainless steel rear wall completely encased in insulating foam

• evaporator-free cooling compartment - no soiling and no bacteria in the evaporator fins

• no corrosion or pitting due to aggressive goods - unlimited unit lifetime, lower operating costs

• uniform temperature distribution throughout the storage compartment - waste can be stored more hygienic

only smooth surfaces - extremely easy cleaning, excellent hygiene

• storage compartment with high air humidity environment - no drying-out

• Defrost water channel integrated in rear wall above compartment base - the compartment base always stays dry and clean - no clogging or overflowing of the defrost water receptacle - reliable operational and functional security

3. Automatic Defrosting

• automatic and maintenance-free

• automatic defrosting unit with hot gas (built-in cooling system) - automatic and maintenance-free - conserves energy because the unit’s waste heat is utilized

4. Insulation consisting of a single piece of high-pressure foam - conserves energy - environmentally friendly - polyurethane foam, FCHC-free


Temperature: +2°C to +15°C

Gross capacity: 1120 liters

Capacity: 2 waste bins 240 liters

Refrigerant: R134a