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BRICE 300 Modular



Modular appliances to be used in conjunction with a large capacity ice storage container that is generally installed in the back stage. They are out of sight but work hard by continually producing ice. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, discotheques and fast food. It’s an ideal companion that is always ready for elevated ice production.

Machines have all stainless steel external construction for durable long-lasting service. Strategic components come from Europe or Japan. Manufacturing factoring is located in Italy.


Control system                     Mechanical/Electrical

Cooling system                     Water/Air

Kind of cube                         Standard (Ø32,7mm/ H 32,3mm/ 17gr) Jumbo (Ø41,2mm/ H 41,1mm/ 34gr.)

Production in 24h                  300kg

Production per cycle              216

Combinable with                    Store 430

Input power                         230V - 50Hz

Electrical input                      2600W

Type of refrigerant                R404a

Dimensions (WxDxH)             1250mm x 580mm x 848mm

Net weight                            153kg

Packing dimensions (WxDxH) 1310mm x 640mm x 1020mm

Volume with packing              0,51m3

Gross weight                         109kg