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BRICE 105 / 50



Machines for back counter installation . the wide of all mchines fall within the “ 90 cm width“ category and with the reduced height ( maximum 120 cm ) the upper shelf (74x60 cm) can be used for resting light loads: no waste of space.

Machines have all stainless steel external construction for durable long-lasting service. Internal structure is made with metallic parts. The ABS internal storage bin is food-safe, well insulated and easy to clean thanks the rounted corners.



Control system                        Mechnical/Electric

Cooling system                        Air/Water

Kind of cube                            Standard(Ø32,7mm/ H 32,3mm/ 17gr.) Jumbo(Ø41,2mm/H 41,1mm/ 34gr.)

Production in 24 h                    105 kg

Production per cycle                 64 cubes

Storage capacity                      50kg/ 3529 cubes

Input power                             230V - 50Hz

Power consumtion                    850W

Type of refrigerant                   R404a

Dimensions (WxDxH)               930mm x 565mm x 101m0m

Net weight                               87kg

Packing dimensions (WxDxH)    820mm x 680mm x 1150mm

Volume with packing                 0,634 m3

Gross weight                            96kg