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Vestfrost Horeca M200

Capacity has been increased, allowing improved exposure of the contents. The shelves are fully adjustable by 6 mm and can be adapted to suit all types of cans and bottles. The specially designed metal plate shelves also ensure that products stand stably without toppling. All in all, the cooler sets new standards – also when it comes to design, materials, environment friendliness and noise level.


A large brand surface is optional. Customised solutions are available for even greater exposure.  The powerful cooling and ventilation system combined with an electronically controlled thermostat ensures correct temperatures, even under diffi cult conditions. The temperature is always visible on a digital display.

An integrated lock prevents unauthorised access to products.  The metal plate shelves ensure that bottles and cans stand more firmly and securely than on wire shelves. The adjustable shelving system enables optimum space utilisation, often allowing room for an extra shelf.


Gross capacity, litres (cu. ft.) 448 (15.8)

Net capacity, litres (cu. ft) 379 (13.4)

Height, mm (inch) 2000 (78.7)

Width, mm (inch) 595 (23.4)

Depth, mm (inch) 595 (23.4)

Noise level, dB(A)

55Temperature range °C 1 to 10

Temperature range °F 34 to 50

Rated Load, W 570

0.330 litre cans 504

0.355 litre cans 462

0.50 litre bottles 252

20 oz. bottles 252